How Many Properties Are Zoned "Agricultural" In Jefferson County?

Currently, Jefferson County lists some 350 properties as agriculturally zoned along the front range. This type of property is quickly disappearing, as developers continue to buy land from farmers and convert it into potential subdivisions. Of course, the existing agricultural properties along the front range continue to rise in value due to supply and demand.

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How Does Jefferson County Define Agricultural Zone Districts?

Agricultural Zone Districts are intended to provide for limited farming, ranching and agriculturally related uses while protecting the surrounding land from any harmful effects.  They are divided as follows:  Agricultural-One (A-1);  Agricultural-Two (A-2);  Agricultural-Thirty Five (A-35).  For a complete PDF document detailing the allowed land uses, and general requirements for each of the three specific agricultural zone districts, refer to the Jefferson County website.

Farm means a parcel of land which is used to produce agricultural products that originate from the land’s productivity for the primary purpose of obtaining a monetary profit.” 39-1-102 (3.5), C.R.S.

Ranch means a parcel of land which is used for grazing livestock for the primary purpose of obtaining a monetary profit. For the purposes of this subsection (1 3.5), “livestock” means domestic animals which are used for food for human or animal consumption, breeding, draft, or profit.” 39-1-102(13.5),C.R.S.

In 2012, the Colorado Legislature passed House Bill 11-1146 requiring that a residence be integral to an agricultural operation in order for the land underlying the residence to be classified as agricultural land.  If the residence is not integral, a residential market value must be assigned to the land upon which the residence is located (up to two acres for each residence on the parcel) for property tax purposes.  This residential land will receive the lower 7.96 percent residential assessment rate.  Owners claiming agricultural classification for their land must complete and return an agricultural affidavit, and physical inspections may be conducted to substantiate the use as agricultural.